McGill, Cleora Myrtle

Birth Name McGill, Cleora Myrtle
Gramps ID I1411
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1892    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McGill, George [I0115]
Mother Brinton, Helena [I0110]
    Sister     McGill, Laura [I0116]
    Sister     McGill, Winnifred [I0117]
    Sister     McGill, Jessie [I0118]
    Brother     McGill, Alfred [I0119]
    Sister     McGill, Dora [I0120]
    Sister     McGill, Flora [I0121]
    Brother     McGill, Charles W. [I0122]
         McGill, Cleora Myrtle [I1411]


    Family of Labarere, Mathieu and McGill, Cleora Myrtle [F0364]
Married Husband Labarere, Mathieu [I1426]


  1. McGill, George [I0115]
    1. Brinton, Helena [I0110]
      1. McGill, Laura [I0116]
      2. McGill, Winnifred [I0117]
      3. McGill, Jessie [I0118]
      4. McGill, Alfred [I0119]
      5. McGill, Dora [I0120]
      6. McGill, Flora [I0121]
      7. McGill, Charles W. [I0122]
      8. McGill, Cleora Myrtle
        1. Labarere, Mathieu [I1426]