Starting out in England many centuries ago, they migrated from place to place till they came to be found in many parts of that land. Then when the Establishment over in England began to oppress them, they ‘shook off the dust from off their feet’ against their homeland and travelled across the seas to America. They played their part in helping to establish some of the colonies in the New World. They went over to Northern Ireland, they came across the Atlantic again to Nova Scotia. They crossed Canada to the Canadian West to establish homes for themselves on the prairies, and in British Columbia.

W. A. Calnek in his ‘History of the County of Annapolis’, tells of John Brinton, a native of the North of Ireland, a weaver by trade, who married Jemima Clark, daughter of John Clark, of Yorkshire and migrated to Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

Myron O. Brinton