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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Ablain St.-Nazaire, France [P0129]   France 50°23'32.78"N 2°42'44.07"E
  Acadie, Canada [P0205]   Canada    
  Advocate Harbour, Cumberland, NS, Canada [P0105]   Canada 45°20'09.74"N 64°46'55.14"W
  Amherst, Cumberland, NS, Canada [P0102]   Canada 45°49'44.94"N 64°12'23.97"W
  Amiens, France [P0131]   France 49°53'38.64"N 2°17'44.71"E
  Ange-Gardien, QC, Canada [P0242]   Canada 45°21'23.75"N 72°56'08.27"W
  Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0142]   Canada 44°44'32.01"N 65°30'56.96"W
  Apple River, Cumberland, NS, Canada [P0103]   Canada 45°27'19.63"N 64°47'31.83"W
  Arlington, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0067]   Canada 45°12'00.00"N 64°26'00.00"W
  Aylesford, Kings, NS, Canada [P0095]   Canada 45°01'41.36"N 64°50'11.16"W
B Baccaro, Cape Sable, Shelburne, NS, Canada [P0062]   Canada 43°27'45.79"N 65°28'07.17"W
  Bassano, AB, Canada [P0124]   Canada 50°47'22.12"N 112°28'07.12"W
  Bear River, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0035]   Canada 44°34'24.24"N 65°39'03.82"W
  Beauceville, QC, Canada [P0243]   Canada 46°13'28.25"N 70°47'01.17"W
  Beauport, Quebec, QC, Canada [P0222]   Canada 46°51'41.60"N 71°11'19.24"W
  Bedford, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0099]   Canada 44°43'55.64"N 63°39'24.41"W
  Belleisle, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0082]   Canada 44°48'06.60"N 65°24'08.46"W
  Berthier-sur-Mer, QC, Canada [P0223]   Canada 46°55'33.71"N 70°43'51.46"W
  Black Point, NS, Canada [P0038]   Canada 44°39'16.48"N 63°59'23.61"W
  Black Rock, Cumberland, NS, Canada [P0101]   Canada 45°23'00.00"N 64°25'00.00"W
  Black Rock, Kings, NS, Canada [P0050]   Canada 45°10'11.24"N 64°45'23.28"W
  Bridgetown, NS, Canada [P0029]   Canada 44°50'28.88"N 65°17'20.58"W
  Buckingham, QC, Canada [P0017]   Canada 45°35'15.61"N 75°24'55.95"W
C Calgary, AB, Canada [P0127]   Canada 51°02'43.17"N 114°03'29.16"W
  Canaan, Yarmouth, NS, Canada [P0090]   Canada 44°40'36.53"N 64°14'45.80"W
  Canso, Guysborough, NS, Canada [P0080]   Canada 45°20'02.00"N 60°59'43.00"W
  Canton, MA, United States [P0068] MA United States 42°09'30.36"N 71°08'41.18"W
  Cap-Sante, Portneuf, QC, Canada [P0235]   Canada 46°40'17.72"N 71°47'16.25"W
  Charlesbourg, Quebec, QC, Canada [P0236]   Canada 46°53'59.02"N 71°17'11.31"W
  Chelsea, Lunenburg, NS, Canada [P0042]   Canada 44°21'51.44"N 64°45'32.25"W
  Chester, Lunenburg, NS, Canada [P0113]   Canada 44°32'46.45"N 64°14'27.29"W
  Château Richer, QC, Canada [P0225]   Canada 46°58'10.58"N 71°01'03.26"W
  Clarence, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0073]   Canada 44°53'41.06"N 65°14'15.22"W
  Clementsport, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0049]   Canada 44°39'52.03"N 65°36'35.89"W
  Compound, Courtland Manor, Westchester, NY, USA [P0070] NY USA 41°16'49.48"N 73°52'17.31"W
  Concord, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0140] MA United States 42°27'37.34"N 71°20'56.21"W
  Cornwallis, Kings, NS, Canada [P0051]   Canada 45°39'05.91"N 65°37'48.87"W
  Coupru, Aisne, France [P0221]   France 49°01'52.60"N 3°16'20.09"E
D Dartmouth, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0100]   Canada 44°39'50.03"N 63°34'05.46"W
  Descartes, Indre-et-Loire, France [P0218]   France 46°58'24.74"N 0°41'55.20"E
  Dorchester, MA, United States [P0069] MA United States 42°18'05.87"N 71°04'03.38"W
E East Pennant, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0044]   Canada 44°28'02.68"N 63°37'47.43"W
  East Ship Harbour, NS, Canada [P0022]   Canada 44°46'39.33"N 62°47'21.84"W
  Eelbrook, Yarmouth, NS, Canada [P0056]   Canada 43°49'02.37"N 65°54'26.80"W
  England [P0027]   England 52°01'08.50"N 0°46'13.54"W
F Fouquescourt, Somme, France [P0130]   France 49°46'06.85"N 2°45'04.50"E
  Fox Point, Lunenburg, NS, Canada [P0111]   Canada 44°36'42.83"N 64°03'31.95"W
  Framingham, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0141] MA United States 42°16'45.43"N 71°24'58.16"W
  France [P0163]   France    
  French Village, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0121]   Canada 44°38'08.20"N 63°54'42.53"W
G Garrison, NY, USA [P0071] NY USA 41°23'02.34"N 73°56'44.50"W
  Glen Williams, ON, Canada [P0072] ON Canada 43°40'04.74"N 79°55'37.23"W
  Grand Pré, NS, Canada [P0204]   Canada 45°06'08.35"N 64°18'19.52"W
  Granville, NS, Canada [P0028]   Canada 44°42'44.69"N 65°37'52.94"W
  Groton, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0075] MA United States 42°36'30.00"N 71°34'21.00"W
H Halifax, NS, Canada [P0004]   Canada 44°38'55.97"N 63°34'31.12"W
  Halifax, NS, Canada [P0045]   Canada 44°38'55.55"N 63°34'30.86"W
  Hammonds Plains, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0036]   Canada 44°44'01.22"N 61°26'41.09"W
  Hampstead, NH, USA [P0085] NH USA 42°52'28.32"N 71°10'52.22"W
  Hampton, NH, USA [P0084] NH USA 42°56'15.00"N 70°50'20.00"W
  Hampton, NS, Canada [P0005]   Canada 44°54'05.41"N 65°21'10.02"W
  Harbourville, Kings, NS, Canada [P0096]   Canada 45°09'03.96"N 64°48'38.47"W
  Havelock, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0143]   Canada 44°18'00.00"N 65°55'00.00"W
  Henryville, QC, Canada [P0229]   Canada 45°08'11.82"N 73°11'01.67"W
  Herring Cove, NS, Canada [P0024]   Canada 44°34'17.05"N 63°33'43.07"W
  Hortonville, Kings, NS, Canada [P0047]   Canada 45°07'00.00"N 64°17'00.00"W
  Hubbard’s Cove, NS, Canada [P0039]   Canada 44°38'16.62"N 64°03'59.24"W
  Hubbard’s Point, NS, Canada [P0063]   Canada 43°50'21.55"N 65°58'46.38"W
  Hull, QC, Canada [P0009]   Canada 45°25'40.60"N 75°42'40.10"W
  Hussar, AB, Canada [P0125]   Canada 51°02'27.89"N 112°40'52.96"W
I Ile Jésus, Montréal, QC, Canada [P0258]   Canada 45°35'00.00"N 73°45'00.00"W
  Ipswich, MA, United States [P0086] MA United States 42°40'41.11"N 70°49'53.40"W
  Ireland [P0013]   Ireland 53°24'46.48"N 8°14'38.00"W
K Kentville, NS, Canada [P0054]   Canada 45°04'29.60"N 64°30'06.34"W
L L'Acadie, QC, Canada [P0192]   Canada 45°19'09.58"N 73°21'11.11"W
  L'Ancienne-Lorette, QC, Canada [P0233]   Canada 46°48'22.71"N 71°21'25.23"W
  L'Ange-Gardien, QC, Canada [P0241]   Canada 45°33'25.87"N 75°30'16.53"W
  L'Assomption, QC, Canada [P0231]   Canada 45°51'07.16"N 73°24'44.63"W
  L'Islet, QC, Canada [P0253]   Canada 47°06'11.13"N 70°21'00.03"W
  La Prairie, QC, Canada [P0201]   Canada 45°24'57.24"N 73°28'58.81"W
  La Présentation, QC, Canada [P0198]   Canada 45°39'56.45"N 73°03'03.80"W
  Laval, QC, Canada [P0015]   Canada 45°34'39.09"N 73°44'41.87"W
  Lawrencetown, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0097]   Canada 44°52'56.42"N 65°09'49.93"W
  Le Quesnel, Somme, France [P0134]   France 49°46'37.50"N 2°37'24.14"E
  Lethbridge, AB, Canada [P0064]   Canada 49°41'36.56"N 112°50'30.62"W
  Leverett, Franklin, MA, United States [P0078] MA United States 42°27'07.32"N 72°30'05.31"W
  Liverpool, Queens, NS, Canada [P0114]   Canada 44°01'58.68"N 64°43'03.56"W
  Long Island, Boston, Suffolk, MA, United States [P0043] MA United States 42°21'31.09"N 71°03'24.12"W
  Loretteville, Quebec, QC, Canada [P0240]   Canada 46°52'16.48"N 71°23'07.58"W
  Lunenburg, NS, Canada [P0110]   Canada 44°22'37.00"N 64°19'08.00"W
  Lynn, MA, United States [P0030] MA United States 42°28'00.35"N 70°56'58.18"W
M MA, United States [P0060] MA United States 42°24'25.96"N 71°22'56.77"W
  Marlborough, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0137] MA United States 42°20'45.34"N 71°33'08.23"W
  Martaizé, Vienne, France [P0216]   France 46°54'59.37"N 0°03'36.45"E
  Middleton, NS, Canada [P0007]   Canada 44°56'33.13"N 65°04'05.76"W
  Mill Cove, Lunenburg, NS, Canada [P0112]   Canada 44°35'11.67"N 64°03'47.93"W
  Minot, Androscoggin, ME, USA [P0093] ME USA 44°05'08.26"N 70°19'12.20"W
  Mirebalais, Haïti [P0212]   Haïti 18°50'06.05"N 72°06'11.18"W
  Moncton, NB, Canada [P0053]   Canada 46°06'57.00"N 64°48'11.00"W
  Montrmagny, QC, Canada [P0247]   Canada 46°58'48.37"N 70°33'23.66"W
  Montréal, QC, Canada [P0006]   Canada 45°30'32.00"N 73°33'15.00"W
  Mount Hanley, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0074]   Canada 44°58'00.00"N 65°10'00.00"W
  Murphy’s Cove, NS, Canada [P0033]   Canada 44°48'24.47"N 62°46'19.43"W
  Mushaboom, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0119]   Canada 44°51'04.90"N 62°32'06.72"W
N Napierville, QC, Canada [P0189]   Canada 45°11'11.35"N 73°24'18.41"W
  Natick, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0135] MA United States 42°17'00.00"N 71°21'00.00"W
  New England, USA [P0230]   USA 46°32'21.03"N 102°52'05.60"W
  New Rochelle, Westchester, NY, USA [P0031] NY USA 40°54'41.36"N 73°46'56.48"W
  New York City, NY, USA [P0032] NY USA 40°42'51.67"N 74°00'21.50"W
  Newburyport, MA, United States [P0094] MA United States 42°48'45.33"N 70°52'38.19"W
  Newcastle on Tyne, England [P0065]   England 54°58'40.23"N 1°36'46.50"W
  Nictaux Falls, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0091]   Canada 44°55'18.04"N 65°02'43.10"W
  Nictaux, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0055]   Canada 44°56'00.00"N 65°03'00.00"W
  Noank, New London, CT, USA [P0116] CT USA 41°19'40.36"N 71°59'26.27"W
  North West Arm, Cape Breton, NS, Canada [P0120]   Canada 46°09'09.24"N 60°17'06.68"W
  North West Cove, Lunenburg, NS, Canada [P0118]   Canada 44°31'57.16"N 64°01'19.88"W
  North West, Lunenburg, NS, Canada [P0117]   Canada 44°23'59.50"N 64°21'00.04"W
  Northern Ireland [P0000]   Northern Ireland 54°47'15.77"N 6°29'32.33"W
  Notre Dame de Stanbridge, QC, Canada [P0203]   Canada 45°10'13.60"N 73°01'50.06"W
O Oka, QC, Canada [P0020]   Canada 45°27'33.87"N 74°05'24.69"W
  Old Sackville Rd, Middle Sackville, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0133]   Canada 44°46'43.57"N 63°42'35.69"W
  Oshawa, ON, Canada [P0106] ON Canada 43°53'24.00"N 78°51'36.00"W
  Ottawa, ON, Canada [P0002] ON Canada 45°24'41.66"N 75°41'53.50"W
P Paradise, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0098]   Canada 44°52'01.45"N 65°13'27.71"W
  Paris, France [P0219]   France 48°51'23.81"N 2°21'08.00"E
  Parrsboro, Cumberland, NS, Canada [P0104]   Canada 45°24'13.65"N 64°19'45.42"W
  Penton-Grafton, Hampshire, England [P0138]   England 51°13'26.93"N 1°31'46.63"W
  Pisiguit, NS, Canada [P0199]   Canada 44°59'37.84"N 64°03'01.52"W
  Pleasant Harbour, NS, Canada [P0023]   Canada 44°47'24.99"N 62°44'14.70"W
  Ponteland, Northumberland, England [P0066]   England 55°03'03.09"N 1°44'32.94"W
  Port George, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0144]   Canada 45°00'10.81"N 65°09'34.16"W
  Port Lorne, NS, Canada [P0012]   Canada 44°56'51.77"N 65°15'50.67"W
  Port Perry, ON, Canada [P0123] ON Canada 44°06'18.31"N 78°56'39.15"W
  Port Royal, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0058]   Canada 44°43'00.99"N 65°36'13.05"W
  Port Royal, NS, Canada [P0200]   Canada 44°43'00.99"N 65°36'13.05"W
  Port Williams, Kings, NS, Canada [P0046]   Canada 45°05'52.62"N 64°24'36.59"W
Q Quebec, QC, Canada [P0213]   Canada 46°48'49.96"N 71°12'28.73"W
  Queens, NS, Canada [P0115]   Canada 44°01'58.68"N 64°43'03.56"W
  Queensland, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0040]   Canada 44°38'07.35"N 64°01'34.70"W
  Quinan, Yarmouth, NS, Canada [P0057]   Canada 43°55'15.33"N 65°50'13.72"W
  Quispamsis, Kings, NB, Canada [P0079]   Canada 45°25'55.81"N 65°56'46.37"W
R Rivière-aux-Vieux-Habitants, Acadie, Canada [P0207]   Canada 45°09'04.50"N 64°26'51.48"W
  Roblin, MB, Canada [P0126]   Canada 51°13'41.46"N 101°21'08.37"W
  Rowley, MA, United States [P0083] MA United States 42°43'00.33"N 70°52'43.19"W
  Roxton Falls, QC, Canada [P0239]   Canada 45°34'30.17"N 72°31'33.90"W
S Salmon River, NS, Canada [P0061]   Canada 44°03'03.16"N 66°09'39.87"W
  Seabright, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0109]   Canada 44°37'10.79"N 63°55'44.53"W
  Sheet Harbour, NS, Canada [P0108]   Canada 44°55'40.26"N 62°32'39.26"W
  Shell River, MB, Canada [P0128]   Canada 51°20'27.64"N 101°22'41.96"W
  Sherrington, QC, Canada [P0191]   Canada 45°09'55.38"N 73°31'30.21"W
  Ship Harbour, NS, Canada [P0025]   Canada 44°48'34.26"N 62°53'10.18"W
  Smith’s Cove, Digby, NS, Canada [P0081]   Canada 44°36'45.28"N 65°42'09.62"W
  South Farmington, NS, Canada [P0089]   Canada 44°57'41.73"N 64°59'52.65"W
  Springfield, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0092]   Canada 44°38'00.00"N 64°52'00.00"W
  St Anne de Ruisseau, Yarmouth, NS, Canada [P0059]   Canada 43°49'44.06"N 65°56'41.82"W
  St Benoit, QC, Canada [P0016]   Canada 45°34'15.18"N 74°05'58.24"W
  St Constant, QC, Canada [P0194]   Canada 45°22'45.05"N 73°33'52.17"W
  St Croix Cove, NS, Canada [P0011]   Canada 44°54'47.03"N 65°18'51.48"W
  St David, QC, Canada [P0226]   Canada 45°57'00.00"N 72°51'00.00"W
  St Hyacinthe, QC, Canada [P0193]   Canada 45°37'50.48"N 72°57'22.82"W
  St Isidore, La Prairie, QC, Canada [P0195]   Canada 45°18'00.35"N 73°40'52.52"W
  St John, NB, Canada [P0052]   Canada 45°16'23.58"N 66°03'53.33"W
  St Jude, QC, Canada [P0224]   Canada 45°46'22.70"N 72°59'18.05"W
  St Lyn, QC, Canada [P0014]   Canada 45°51'29.44"N 73°47'14.15"W
  St Philippe, La Prairie, QC, Canada [P0202]   Canada 45°21'25.00"N 73°28'36.22"W
  St Rémi, Napierville, QC, Canada [P0190]   Canada 45°15'41.40"N 73°36'57.11"W
  St Suliac, Ille-et-vilaine, France [P0209]   France 48°34'17.28"N 1°57'59.50"W
  St Valentin, QC, Canada [P0232]   Canada 45°07'43.68"N 73°19'25.03"W
  St-Aimé, QC, Canada [P0251]   Canada 45°55'00.00"N 72°56'00.00"W
  St-Antoine-de-Tilly, QC, Canada [P0255]   Canada 46°38'25.52"N 71°35'26.48"W
  St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada [P0227]   Canada 45°47'15.89"N 73°09'59.57"W
  St-Basile, Portneuf, QC, Canada [P0238]   Canada 46°45'22.57"N 71°49'29.20"W
  St-Charles-les-Mines, NS, Canada [P0206]   Canada 45°06'08.35"N 64°18'19.52"W
  St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada [P0197]   Canada 45°47'08.26"N 73°09'29.63"W
  St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, QC, Canada [P0210]   Canada 46°53'13.25"N 70°42'50.87"W
  St-Hermas, QC, Canada [P0257]   Canada 45°36'14.60"N 74°11'29.68"W
  St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada [P0228]   Canada 45°18'20.78"N 73°15'16.16"W
  St-Joseph-de-Beauce, QC, Canada [P0252]   Canada 46°18'33.50"N 70°52'36.33"W
  St-Laurent, QC, Canada [P0254]   Canada 45°29'54.83"N 73°44'59.13"W
  St-Martin, QC, Canada [P0256]   Canada 45°57'34.23"N 70°39'22.68"W
  St-Ours-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada [P0214]   Canada 45°53'15.50"N 73°08'59.78"W
  St-Pierre-Montmagny, QC, Canada [P0249]   Canada 46°54'32.44"N 70°37'07.12"W
  St-Vallier, QC, Canada [P0246]   Canada 46°53'33.36"N 70°49'23.27"W
  St. Margaret’s Bay, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0041]   Canada 44°34'48.57"N 63°59'23.25"W
  Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, QC, Canada [P0237]   Canada 47°00'58.19"N 70°56'47.42"W
  Ste-Marie, Beauce, QC, Canada [P0245]   Canada 46°26'20.50"N 71°01'16.74"W
  Ste-Rosalie, QC, Canada [P0248]   Canada 45°38'38.16"N 72°54'23.10"W
  Stewiacke, Colchester, NS, Canada [P0132]   Canada 45°08'16.20"N 63°20'57.66"W
  Sudbury, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0136] MA United States 42°23'00.34"N 71°24'58.22"W
T Taber, AB, Canada [P0010]   Canada 49°47'14.33"N 112°08'41.59"W
  Tangier, NS, Canada [P0021]   Canada 44°48'26.61"N 62°41'29.35"W
  Terence Bay, Halifax, NS, Canada [P0122]   Canada 44°28'00.31"N 63°42'59.69"W
  Torbrook, NS, Canada [P0088]   Canada 44°54'51.92"N 64°58'45.70"W
V Victory, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0034]   Canada 44°34'00.00"N 65°28'00.00"W
W Watertown, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0077] MA United States 42°22'15.35"N 71°10'58.20"W
  Wayland, Middlesex, MA, United States [P0139] MA United States 42°22'15.90"N 71°22'02.00"W
  West Apple River, Cumberland, NS, Canada [P0107]   Canada 45°27'43.98"N 64°48'38.87"W
  Westville, Pictou, NS, Canada [P0037]   Canada 45°33'30.70"N 62°42'53.24"W
  Wilmot, Annapolis, NS, Canada [P0048]   Canada 44°57'23.08"N 65°01'16.72"W
  Worcester, Worcester, MA, United States [P0076] MA United States 42°15'45.34"N 71°48'08.26"W
Y Yamaska, QC, Canada [P0196]   Canada 46°00'17.77"N 72°55'13.39"W
  Yarmouth, NS, Canada [P0003]   Canada 43°50'07.74"N 66°06'55.70"W
  York, York, ME, USA [P0087] ME USA 43°09'42.29"N 70°38'53.73"W
  Yorkshire, England [P0001]   England 53°57'48.58"N 1°13'58.82"W
Z Zweibrucken, Germany [P0008]   Germany 49°15'01.71"N 7°21'40.28"E