Family of Fontaine, Joseph and Champagne, Angelique


Married Husband Fontaine, Joseph ( * 1744-03-02 + 1826-08-14 )
Married Wife Champagne, Angelique ( * 1751-04-05 + 1791-04-25 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1768-08-16 Yamaska, QC, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Fontaine, Marie1768-09-281795-01-12
Fontaine, Catherine1770-11-291859-05-15
Fontaine, Therese1772-04-03
Fontaine, Marie Louise1773-09-19
Fontaine, Joseph1775-04-061844-09-17
Fontaine, Francoise1778-01-271841-10-20
Fontaine, Francois Marc1779-04-061862-02-22
Fontaine, Dorothee1780-08-25
Fontaine, Charles1781-12-031866-05-02
Fontaine, Marguerite1783-02-111838-05-10