Charlesbourg, Quebec, QC, Canada

Gramps ID P0236
Latitude 46.899729
Longitude -71.286475
City Quebec
Country Canada

Place Map


  1. Blondeau, Marie Jeanne [I1728]
  2. Bédard, Anne [I1738]
  3. Bédard, Charles [I1719]
  4. Bédard, Etienne [I1715]
  5. Bédard, Francois [I1733]
  6. Bédard, Gabriel [I1734]
  7. Bédard, Jean Baptiste [I1720]
  8. Bédard, Joseph [I1710]
  9. Bédard, Louis [I1739]
  10. Bédard, Marie Louise [I1730]
  11. Bédard, Marie Marguerite [I1712]
  12. Bédard, Pierre [I1737]
  13. Bédard, Thomas Bernard [I1727]
  14. Family of Bédard, Thomas Bernard and Blondeau, Marie Jeanne
    1. Blondeau, Marie Jeanne [I1728]
    2. Bédard, Thomas Bernard [I1727]
  15. Family of Leroux Cardinal, Louis Charles and Fournier, Marie Anne
    1. Fournier, Marie Anne [I1743]
    2. Leroux Cardinal, Louis Charles [I1742]
  16. Fournier, Marie Anne [I1743]
  17. Leroux Cardinal, Charles [I1747]
  18. Leroux Cardinal, Genevieve [I1748]
  19. Leroux Cardinal, Guillaume [I1746]
  20. Leroux Cardinal, Jean Marie [I1744]
  21. Leroux Cardinal, Louis Charles [I1742]
  22. Leroux Cardinal, Marie Anne [I1745]