Family of Saunders, John Howard and Farnsworth, Emma Jane


Married Husband Saunders, John Howard ( * 1886-07-29 + 1962-07-18 )
Married Wife Farnsworth, Emma Jane ( * 1890-01-09 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1908-01-13      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Saunders, Edward Joseph
Saunders, Marion Idella1909-01-02
Saunders, Howard Thomas1910-07-07
Saunders, Dorothy May1912-07-09
Saunders, Mary Elizabeth1914-11-22
Saunders, John Burton1918-12-22
Saunders, George Parker1922-06-29
Saunders, Jean Constance1927-11-221927-11-25
Saunders, June Barbara1932-06-17