Saunders, June Barbara

Birth Name Saunders, June Barbara
Gramps ID I1306
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1932-06-17    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Saunders, John Howard [I1307]
Mother Farnsworth, Emma Jane [I1308]
    Sister     Saunders, Marion Idella [I1309]
    Brother     Saunders, Howard Thomas [I1310]
    Sister     Saunders, Dorothy May [I1311]
    Sister     Saunders, Mary Elizabeth [I1312]
    Brother     Saunders, John Burton [I1313]
    Brother     Saunders, Edward Joseph [I1314]
    Brother     Saunders, George Parker [I1315]
    Sister     Saunders, Jean Constance [I1316]
         Saunders, June Barbara [I1306]


    Family of Smith, Clifford and Saunders, June Barbara [F0330]
Married Husband Smith, Clifford [I1305]
  1. Saunders, Debra Emma Jane [I1302]


  1. Saunders, John Howard [I1307]
    1. Farnsworth, Emma Jane [I1308]
      1. Saunders, Marion Idella [I1309]
      2. Saunders, Howard Thomas [I1310]
      3. Saunders, Dorothy May [I1311]
      4. Saunders, Mary Elizabeth [I1312]
      5. Saunders, John Burton [I1313]
      6. Saunders, Edward Joseph [I1314]
      7. Saunders, George Parker [I1315]
      8. Saunders, Jean Constance [I1316]
      9. Saunders, June Barbara
        1. Smith, Clifford [I1305]
          1. Saunders, Debra Emma Jane [I1302]