LeBlanc, Barbara Ann

Birth Name LeBlanc, Barbara Ann
Call Name Ann
Gramps ID I0724
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1946-08-05 Yarmouth, NS, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father LeBlanc, James Kenneth [I0722]
Mother Brigley, Barbara Olivia [I0723]
         LeBlanc, Barbara Ann [I0724]
    Sister     LeBlanc, Katherine Elizabeth [I0725]
    Sister     LeBlanc, Margaret Joan [I0519]
    Sister     LeBlanc, Carol Marie [I0726]
    Brother     LeBlanc, Kenneth Gregory [I0727]


    Family of LeBlanc, James William and LeBlanc, Barbara Ann [F0236]
Married Husband LeBlanc, James William [I0783]
  1. LeBlanc, Scott William [I0784]
  2. LeBlanc, Lisa Ann [I0785]


  1. LeBlanc, James Kenneth [I0722]
    1. Brigley, Barbara Olivia [I0723]
      1. LeBlanc, Barbara Ann
        1. LeBlanc, James William [I0783]
          1. LeBlanc, Scott William [I0784]
          2. LeBlanc, Lisa Ann [I0785]
      2. LeBlanc, Katherine Elizabeth [I0725]
      3. LeBlanc, Margaret Joan [I0519]
      4. LeBlanc, Carol Marie [I0726]
      5. LeBlanc, Kenneth Gregory [I0727]