Beardsley, Charlotte

Birth Name Beardsley, Charlotte
Gramps ID I0010
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Beardsley, Beverley Robinson Jr [I0005]
Mother Brinton, Eleanor [I10002]
    Brother     Beardsley, Samuel Campfield [I0006]
    Sister     Beardsley, Levice [I0007]
    Sister     Beardsley, Patience [I0008]
    Sister     Beardsley, Elizabeth [I0009]
         Beardsley, Charlotte [I0010]
    Sister     Beardsley, Ann [I0011]
    Brother     Beardsley, John [I0012]


    Family of Cropley, John and Beardsley, Charlotte [F0008]
Married Husband Cropley, John [I0036]


  1. Beardsley, Beverley Robinson Jr [I0005]
    1. Brinton, Eleanor [I10002]
      1. Beardsley, Samuel Campfield [I0006]
      2. Beardsley, Levice [I0007]
      3. Beardsley, Patience [I0008]
      4. Beardsley, Elizabeth [I0009]
      5. Beardsley, Charlotte
        1. Cropley, John [I0036]
      6. Beardsley, Ann [I0011]
      7. Beardsley, John [I0012]