Brinton, Carol Y.

Birth Name Brinton, Carol Y.
Gramps ID I0200
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1935-04-28    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brinton, Joseph E. [I0195]
Mother Brenton, Agnes [I0199]
         Brinton, Carol Y. [I0200]
    Sister     Brinton, Joan Agnes [I0201]
    Brother     Brinton, Joseph E. Jr [I0202]
    Sister     Brinton, Patricia [I0203]
    Sister     Brinton, Nancy Alice [I0204]
    Brother     Brinton, William Elmer [I0205]
    Brother     Brinton, Merril [I0206]
    Brother     Brinton, Peter [I0207]


    Family of Daniels, Peter and Brinton, Carol Y. [F0065]
Married Husband Daniels, Peter [I0208]
  1. Daniels, Michael [I0209]
  2. Daniels, Nancy Jane [I0210]


  1. Brinton, Joseph E. [I0195]
    1. Brenton, Agnes [I0199]
      1. Brinton, Carol Y.
        1. Daniels, Peter [I0208]
          1. Daniels, Michael [I0209]
          2. Daniels, Nancy Jane [I0210]
      2. Brinton, Joan Agnes [I0201]
      3. Brinton, Joseph E. Jr [I0202]
      4. Brinton, Patricia [I0203]
      5. Brinton, Nancy Alice [I0204]
      6. Brinton, William Elmer [I0205]
      7. Brinton, Merril [I0206]
      8. Brinton, Peter [I0207]