Granville, NS, Canada

Gramps ID P0028
Latitude 44.712415
Longitude -65.631372
City Granville
Country Canada

Place Map


  1. Banks, George [I1512]
  2. Brinton, Charles [I0004]
  3. Brinton, Elias [I0018]
  4. Brinton, John [I0000]
  5. Brinton, Joseph G. [I0075]
  6. Chute, Abner [I1158]
  7. Chute, Hannah [I0080]
  8. Chute, James [I1156]
  9. Chute, Silas [I1160]
  10. Clark, Jemima [I0001]
  11. Cropley, John [I0908]
  12. Cropley, Joseph [I0732]
  13. Durland, Charlotte [I0909]
  14. Family of Banks, George and Messenger, Mary Rebecca
    1. Banks, George [I1512]
    2. Messenger, Mary Rebecca [I1511]
  15. Family of Brinton, Charles and Quereau, Charity
    1. Brinton, Charles [I0004]
    2. Quereau, Charity [I0422]
  16. Family of Brinton, Elias and Chute, Hannah
    1. Brinton, Elias [I0018]
    2. Chute, Hannah [I0080]
  17. Family of Brinton, John and Clark, Jemima
    1. Brinton, John [I0000]
    2. Clark, Jemima [I0001]
  18. Family of Brinton, Joseph G. and Graves, Emma Jane
    1. Brinton, Joseph G. [I0075]
    2. Graves, Emma Jane [I0157]
  19. Family of Cropley, John and Durland, Charlotte
    1. Cropley, John [I0908]
    2. Durland, Charlotte [I0909]
  20. Family of Messenger, Eli and Marshall, Christiana Elizabeth
    1. Marshall, Christiana Elizabeth [I1503]
    2. Messenger, Eli [I0920]
  21. Gilliatt, Michael [I1509]
  22. Graves, Emma Jane [I0157]
  23. Marshall, Christiana Elizabeth [I1503]
  24. Messenger, Eli [I0920]
  25. Messenger, Mary Rebecca [I1511]
  26. Phinney, Elijah [I1172]
  27. Quereau, Charity [I0422]
  28. Quereau, Elias [I0842]
  29. Quereau, Elizabeth Jane [I0843]
  30. Quereau, John [I0840]
  31. Quereau, Judith [I0839]
  32. Quereau, Sarah [I0841]
  33. Quereau, Susannah [I0013]
  34. Travis, Sarah [I0831]