Messenger, Eli

Birth Name Messenger, Eli
Gramps ID I0920
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1851-05-00    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Messenger, Ezekiel [I0915]
Mother Ricketson, Mary [I0916]
    Brother     Messenger, Obadiah [I0917]
    Brother     Messenger, Daniel [I0918]
    Brother     Messenger, Jordan [I0919]
         Messenger, Eli [I0920]
    Brother     Messenger, Lawrence [I0921]
    Sister     Messenger, Mary [I0021]
    Sister     Messenger, Phebe [I0922]
    Sister     Messenger, Eliza [I0923]
    Sister     Messenger, Susan [I0924]
    Sister     Messenger, Elsie Ann [I0925]
    Sister     Messenger, Lovicia [I0926]
    Sister     Messenger, Emmeline [I0927]
    Brother     Messenger, William Henry [I0928]
    Sister     Messenger, Nancy [I0072]


    Family of Messenger, Eli and Marshall, Christiana Elizabeth [F0393]
Married Wife Marshall, Christiana Elizabeth [I1503]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1828-12-04 Granville, NS, Canada  
  1. Messenger, Mary Rebecca [I1511]


  1. Messenger, Ezekiel [I0915]
    1. Ricketson, Mary [I0916]
      1. Messenger, Obadiah [I0917]
      2. Messenger, Daniel [I0918]
      3. Messenger, Jordan [I0919]
      4. Messenger, Eli
        1. Marshall, Christiana Elizabeth [I1503]
          1. Messenger, Mary Rebecca [I1511]
      5. Messenger, Lawrence [I0921]
      6. Messenger, Mary [I0021]
      7. Messenger, Phebe [I0922]
      8. Messenger, Eliza [I0923]
      9. Messenger, Susan [I0924]
      10. Messenger, Elsie Ann [I0925]
      11. Messenger, Lovicia [I0926]
      12. Messenger, Emmeline [I0927]
      13. Messenger, William Henry [I0928]
      14. Messenger, Nancy [I0072]