St. Margaret’s Bay, Halifax, NS, Canada

Gramps ID P0041
Latitude 44.580158
Longitude -63.989793
City St. Margaret's Bay
County Halifax
Country Canada

Place Map


  1. Boutilier, Catherine Elizabeth [I1283]
  2. Boutilier, Eleanor [I1285]
  3. Boutilier, George Frederick [I1280]
  4. Boutilier, James [I1289]
  5. Boutilier, John Frederick [I1286]
  6. Boutilier, John Peter [I1281]
  7. Boutilier, Joseph [I1277]
  8. Boutilier, Joseph [I1279]
  9. Boutilier, Mary [I1284]
  10. Boutilier, Mary Ann [I0893]
  11. Boutilier, Nancy [I1288]
  12. Boutilier, Sarah [I1287]
  13. Boutilier, Susanna Elizabeth [I1282]
  14. Boutilier, Valentine [I1290]
  15. Brigley, James [I1262]
  16. Brigley, John George [I0892]
  17. Brigley, John Joseph [I1243]
  18. Brigley, Mary Ann [I1263]
  19. Brigley, Mary Isabella [I0888]
  20. Brigley, Sarah Ann [I1260]
  21. Brigley, Susanna Catherine [I1261]
  22. Family of Brigley, John George and Boutilier, Mary Ann
    1. Boutilier, Mary Ann [I0893]
    2. Brigley, John George [I0892]
  23. Family of Rafuse, John Bernard and Brigley, Mary Isabella
    1. Brigley, Mary Isabella [I0888]
    2. Rafuse, John Bernard [I0887]
  24. Jollimore, Catherine Elizabeth [I1258]
  25. Jollimore, Catherine Elizabeth [I1294]
  26. Jollimore, Catherine Margaret [I1296]
  27. Jollimore, Christian M. [I1293]
  28. Jollimore, John George [I1295]
  29. Jollimore, John James [I1299]
  30. Jollimore, Susanna [I1297]
  31. Rafuse, John Bernard [I0887]
  32. Rafuse, Peter [I1264]
  33. Schnare, Maria Ann [I0875]
  34. Slauenwhite, Anna Maria [I1278]