Charlton, Susan Jane

Birth Name Charlton, Susan Jane
Gramps ID I0601
Gender female
Age at Death 50 years, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1914-04-00    
Birth 1864-03-12    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Charlton, John [I0596]
Mother Clark, Eliza Jane [I0597]
    Sister     Charlton, Ada Lavinia [I0598]
    Sister     Charlton, Cecilia Freeman [I0599]
    Sister     Charlton, Georgie Ann [I0600]
         Charlton, Susan Jane [I0601]
    Brother     Charlton, Melbourne Murray [I0602]
    Sister     Charlton, Bessie Alison [I0472]
    Brother     Charlton, Arthur Crawley [I0603]
    Brother     Charlton, Weyburn Franklin [I0604]
    Brother     Charlton, Alfred Clark [I0605]


    Family of Hall, Edwin and Charlton, Susan Jane [F0179]
Married Husband Hall, Edwin [I0615]
  1. Hall, Laura [I0616]
  2. Hall, Stanley [I0617]
  3. Hall, Fannie [I0618]


  1. Charlton, John [I0596]
    1. Clark, Eliza Jane [I0597]
      1. Charlton, Ada Lavinia [I0598]
      2. Charlton, Cecilia Freeman [I0599]
      3. Charlton, Georgie Ann [I0600]
      4. Charlton, Susan Jane
        1. Hall, Edwin [I0615]
          1. Hall, Laura [I0616]
          2. Hall, Stanley [I0617]
          3. Hall, Fannie [I0618]
      5. Charlton, Melbourne Murray [I0602]
      6. Charlton, Bessie Alison [I0472]
      7. Charlton, Arthur Crawley [I0603]
      8. Charlton, Weyburn Franklin [I0604]
      9. Charlton, Alfred Clark [I0605]