Brinton, Eliza Jane

Birth Name Brinton, Eliza Jane
Gramps ID I0015
Gender female
Age at Death 52 years, 4 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1868-09-05    
Birth 1816-05-05    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brinton, John [I0003]
Mother Quereau, Susannah [I0013]
    Sister     Brinton, Sarah Ann [I0014]
         Brinton, Eliza Jane [I0015]
    Brother     Brinton, Joshua [I0016]
    Brother     Brinton, John [I0017]
    Brother     Brinton, Elias [I0018]
    Sister     Brinton, Athelinda [I0019]
    Brother     Brinton, Charles [I0020]


    Family of Lent, Francis and Brinton, Eliza Jane [F0025]
Married Husband Lent, Francis [I0069]
  1. Lent, John E. [I0070]
    Family of Sproule, Obadiah and Brinton, Eliza Jane [F0026]
Married Husband Sproule, Obadiah [I0071]


  1. Brinton, John [I0003]
    1. Quereau, Susannah [I0013]
      1. Brinton, Sarah Ann [I0014]
      2. Brinton, Eliza Jane
        1. Lent, Francis [I0069]
          1. Lent, John E. [I0070]
        2. Sproule, Obadiah [I0071]
      3. Brinton, Joshua [I0016]
      4. Brinton, John [I0017]
      5. Brinton, Elias [I0018]
      6. Brinton, Athelinda [I0019]
      7. Brinton, Charles [I0020]