Brigley, Norman A.

Birth Name Brigley, Norman A.
Gramps ID I0882
Gender male
Age at Death 62 years, 6 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1941-10-13 Halifax, NS, Canada St. John the Baptist Anglican Cemetery, Queensland, NS
Birth 1879-04-01 Black Point, NS, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brigley, Edward Valentine [I0874]
Mother Schnare, Maria Ann [I0875]
    Brother     Brigley, George Simeon [I0865]
    Sister     Brigley, Annie Lauria [I0876]
    Sister     Brigley, Harriet Amelia [I0877]
    Sister     Brigley, Mary Elizabeth [I0878]
    Sister     Brigley, Almaida May [I0879]
    Sister     Brigley, Rebecca Melinda [I0880]
    Brother     Brigley, William Albert [I0881]
         Brigley, Norman A. [I0882]
    Brother     Brigley, Jason [Porter] [I0883]
    Sister     Brigley, Rosetta Blanche [I0884]
    Brother     Brigley, Alfred [I0885]
    Brother     Brigley, Wilfred Edmon [I0886]


  1. Brigley, Edward Valentine [I0874]
    1. Schnare, Maria Ann [I0875]
      1. Brigley, George Simeon [I0865]
      2. Brigley, Annie Lauria [I0876]
      3. Brigley, Harriet Amelia [I0877]
      4. Brigley, Mary Elizabeth [I0878]
      5. Brigley, Almaida May [I0879]
      6. Brigley, Rebecca Melinda [I0880]
      7. Brigley, William Albert [I0881]
      8. Brigley, Norman A.
      9. Brigley, Jason [Porter] [I0883]
      10. Brigley, Rosetta Blanche [I0884]
      11. Brigley, Alfred [I0885]
      12. Brigley, Wilfred Edmon [I0886]